Cool Down Your Yard With Our New Conditional Program

Introducing an even more customized Yardian experience

Setting up your Yardian programs is great for covering your everyday watering needs, but when temperatures spike, it can be easy to forget to manually water more. That’s why we’re excited to debut our latest feature, Conditional Programs. 

With Conditional Programs, you get even more control over when your yard gets watered. Set your zone(s) to trigger during specified weather conditions, and Yardian will water when those conditions are met. Additionally, Conditional Programs will take priority over Smart Programs or Manual Programs and adjust the timing accordingly, so you never have to worry about scheduling conflicts or reconfiguring all your previous Programs.


As an example, let’s say you want to have an extra 6-minute watering schedule whenever the temperature is higher than 100°F. First, set the temperature in the Conditional Program to 100°F. Then, set the time you want Yardian to check the temperature (such as Wednesdays at 2pm). Now every Wednesday at 2, Yardian will automatically check the temperature and should it exceed 100°F, it’ll water your yard for 6 minutes. 

Try out Conditional Programs today to take even better care of your yard. To learn more, check out our FAQ.

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