Yardian Now Supports Tempest Weather Station

Introducing Tempest Weather Station Integration

We’re excited to introduce the seamless integration between the Yardian smart sprinkler controller and the WeatherFlow Tempest weather station, offering Yardian users who own a Tempest weather station direct integration within the Yardian app. With this integration, Tempest owners can seamlessly add their devices to the weather station selection list through the Yardian app. Once selected, the Tempest weather station becomes the dedicated weather data source for Yardian’s Smart Program feature. By harnessing precise weather data from your Tempest device, the Smart Program optimizes watering schedules intelligently. This ensures that your irrigation is not just efficient but also precisely tailored to the unique environmental conditions of your location!

To use this feature, you’ll need firmware version 6.21.10 or higher, as well as the Yardian app version 5.2.2 or higher.

Get Started

Are you a Yardian user with a Tempest weather station? Take advantage of this integration today! Follow the simple steps to seamlessly link your Tempest device to your Yardian app and unlock the full potential of smart, weather-based watering with Yardian.

Follow The Steps Below


Navigate to your Home and access the Home Settings by clicking the gear icon.


Click and open the Weather Station selection page.


Enter your Tempest weather station token.


Choose your Tempest weather station and Save your settings.

If you need any other assistance, please contact support@aeonmatrix.com.