How to Control Your Smart Sprinkler Using Only the Instant Buttons

No phone? No Wi-Fi? No problem! The Yardian Pro still works

May 14, 2021

No phone? No Wi-Fi? No problem! The Yardian Pro smart sprinkler controller works even when your phone, app, or Wi-Fi don’t. The on-device control buttons on the controller allow you to start or stop specific zones as well as set the duration – all without the need for a smartphone. You can also check the connection and status of your sprinkler valves directly on the device.

The Yardian Pro gives you easy access to all the functions you need to maintain a healthy yard, even when you can’t find your phone. What’s more, the instant buttons let you give some control to friends or gardeners without having to provide them with app access. Follow the steps below and try the feature out today!

Follow The Steps Below

Auto Scan

Check the connection and status of valves​
※ Need to check the valve in Zone 2

Press/hold Select and Run/Stop at the same time

  • Green LEDs: Solenoid valves attached
  • Red LEDs: Faulty solenoid valves detected

Instant Control

Run a zone for a specified duration or stop a zone
※ Zone 3 is selected


Select a zone

Click Select on the top to specify a zone in Zone Selection Mode (green LEDs)

※ Run Zone 3 for five minutes


Set the duration time

  • Press/hold Select for over 1 second to switch between Zone Selection Mode and Time Selection Mode (red LEDs)
  • Click Select to specify duration in min(s) in Time Selection Mode

One red light refers to 1 minute, two red lights refer to 2 minutes, and so on. You can specify up to 12 minutes of watering time for a zone using the instant buttons.


Run the zone

Click Run/Stop to run the zone


Stop the zone

To stop watering at any time, press/hold Run/Stop for over 3 seconds

Visit our Support Center for more FAQs about Hardware and Installation if you need any other assistance.

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