Yardian, Your World Water Day Pal

7 Ways that Yardian helps conserve water

March 21, 2020

World Water Day

It’s World Water Day today! As the United Nations states, “everyone has a role to play” — we’re here to help you contribute to water conservation efforts as well. Check out these 7 tips and start saving more water today with Yardian.

Water when the lawn needs it

1. Water when the lawn needs it

Most lawns need less water than you think. With the WaterSense certified algorithm, Yardian knows the right watering schedule based on your local weather data and zone settings. “Smart watering adjustment” can help you change the level of “irrigation adequacy” for each zone to fit your watering needs.

Plant drought-resistant lawns

2. Plant drought-resistant lawns

Xeriscaping lowers your lawn maintenance requirements and reduces water usage. Choose a drip sprinkler head in the Yardian setting to have the best care of your water-conserving yard.
Prevent water run-off

3. Prevent water run-off

The first step in saving water is not wasting it. Therefore, a soaking cycle is automatically added in the Yardian Smart Program based on your soil type to prevent wasting water.
Water in the early morning

4. Water in the early morning

Watering in the early morning is better than dusk since it helps prevent the growth of fungus and reduces water loss to evaporation. Use the “smart program hours” setting to specify allowable watering hours on any day when using a Smart Program.

No watering on rainy days

5. No watering on rainy days

Rainy days are your best water-saving days. Using a rain sensor with a Yardian can prevent watering on wet days. You can also utilize the “skip rules” to skip a day with a high chance of rain when you don’t have a rain sensor.

Follow local water restrictions

6. Follow local water restrictions

In response to local water conservation policies, Yardian automatically applies your local restriction rules in the Smart Program. This also helps you avoid fines!

Check for leaks in pipes

7. Check for leaks in pipes

Check for any leaks in and outside the house regularly. Leaks can cause you to waste precious water resources when you are not paying attention. With Yardian’s flow sensor support, anomalies will be flagged so you can fix the issue right away.

At Aeon Matrix, water conservation is one of our main concerns, so we’d like to invite you to join us. Whether you try your hand at creative and sustainable landscaping or just use a smart sprinkler controller, your small change can make a big difference for the planet.

We hope these tips help. Tune in next time!

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