Alexa, Ask Yardian to Start Watering

Use Amazon Alexa to control your Yardian smart sprinkler controller

March 15, 2021

Did you know you can simply ask Alexa to water your yard? Both Yardian and Yardian Pro smart sprinkler controllers are compatible with Amazon Alexa, so try it for yourself now!

Use Yardian Skill in the Amazon Alexa app to control your Yardian Pro smart sprinkler controller with Amazon Echo or other Alexa devices. Alexa supports basic functions for controlling the Yardian – you can:

  • Run single or multiple zones in sequence
  • Stop (skip) a current watering task
  • Ask about the next watering task
  • Ask about the zone name

※ You will need a Yardian account to get started. You can create one through the Yardian app.

After connecting Alexa to Yardian, you can say commands like “Alexa, ask Yardian to water Zone 1 for two minutes,” or “Alexa, ask Yardian to start/stop watering.”

You can simply say “start watering” to activate multiple zones one by one. Yardian is the only controller in the market that can run all your zones with one simple command.

Now, link the Yardian Skillset up your Echo device, and learn how to use the Alexa voice commands. Then let Alexa work with Yardian to do the rest of the work in your yard!

How to Link the Yardian Skill in Alexa​
How to link the Yardian Skill in Amazon Alexa
How to Set Up the Amazon Echo Smart Speaker​
How to set up the Amazon Echo smart speaker
How to use the Yardian Skill voice commands

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