Go Green and Go Smart on World Environment Day

A Smart Sprinkler Controller is a Must in the Decade of Ecosystem Restoration

June 5, 2021

In 2021, we are entering the “Decade of Ecosystem Restoration”. It is time for us to work together as a global community. Let’s join hand in hand to follow the UN’s worldwide movement, the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. If we cannot turn back time, at least we can recreate our gardens, plant more trees, and make our cities greener.

However, we all know that yard work can be really tedious sometimes. A smart sprinkler controller can make your life easier. The AIoT technology utilizes weather data as well as your garden information, such as plant type, soil type, slope, sun exposure, sprinkler head, and more to calculate the best watering time and water usage for your yard. In this way, the smart sprinkler controller not only saves you valuable time, it also helps conserve our precious water resources, and most importantly, our world!

On this World Environment Day, let’s not only go green, but also go smart to love our Earth together.

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